Whirlwind Week in Washington!

I cannot believe how time flies!!!!  I have been back from Washington and the BIG EVENT for two weeks and have just now gotten around to posting about how it all went!

Well, it was FABULOUS!  And the time really flew there too!

We stayed at the downtown J.W. Marriott for the first few days and lived, ate and drank like queens!  Crab cakes at the Old Ebbitt Grill where we thought we had gone to seafood heaven and then the next night crab cakes again at Chef Geoff’s, where they were bedded in a corn chowder sauce which was literally to die for!  Those were the best crab cakes I have ever eaten in my life.  And no wonder….  Chef Geoff can really cook and he likes bacon so much that he has a special menu of bacon related items!  How can you go wrong? Basically, we ate crab cakes the way other people drink water!

But we didn’t drink water…  nooooo… Drinking Veuve Cliquot on a nearly nightly basis, we walked the typical tourist sights in the mornings so we would still fit into our dresses for the big night! *LOL*

So, what did I learn about the big event?

1.  I can stand in murder shoes for 5 hours without needing a wheelchair afterward!  Lorraine even danced (but I think she took off her murder shoes first).  What hurts the most after a murder-shoe-a-thon is not your toes or heels but the top of your foot, just below the toes.  Who’da thunk it?

2.  Old high school crushes are never what you built them up to be in your memories.  I remembered one guy to be at least two heads taller and much more muscular than he turned out to be.  Seeing him again after 39 years,  he looked so small….   still, I thought he was really, really sweet but he was basically only a shadow of my memories.  My husband was totally pleased to hear this and told people my impressions for many days after my return.

3.  Many of the “popular” people from the high school days still hang out together, at least at the parties but I think in their real free time too.  That surprised me.  There were a few people there who turned out much different than I remember them – late bloomers, hero worshippers, worshipped heros and just plain fun ones !

4.  It is really wonderful to meet up with old friends after so many years.  We met with my sweet lifelong friend Kathi and honestly, I could have sat in that restaurant with her and talked for weeks without getting up.  It was just fantastic!!  Then that night – at the reunion, we saw her two sisters Chris and Mary and again, I was thrilled to see them after so many years and they ALL LOOKED GREAT!

5.  High school reunions are so much fun, I am thinking of going again!

Here are a few more impressions of Washington D.C. (which I thought looked great and felt safer and cleaner to me than it had 39 years ago).

From left to right, top to bottom: Class of 73 (at least those attending the reunion), my old house which used to feel so big but looked really small – sort of like my high school crush 😉 , the Washington Monument during a morning fitness walk, 2012 presidential  election time in D.C. and the White House (unfortunately, I didn’t see Michelle Obama’s veggie garden).


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