Killer Shoes and The BIG Event

Tomorrow I’m off!  Flying to Washington D.C.  for my high school reunion (let’s just say I’m beyond the 30th).

I have never been to one of these before and have lived outside of the United States since 1981.  It has also been that long since I’ve been in Washington D.C. or New Carrollton, Maryland where I grew up and went to school.  Needless to say, I am excited beyond belief.

When deciding what to wear to this impossibly nostalgic event, I asked my friend Lorraine (who I am going with and who has been to one or two other reunions over the years) what the dress code was.  She told me people got pretty nicely dressed e.g. cocktail dresses, suits and ties, etc. so I went out to try to find a nice cocktail dress.  Well, didn’t exactly find a dress but did get these marvelous shoes!

Since I have the proverbial “little black dress” already, I got the shoes and tried it all on together with some jewelry.  I can honestly say, it looks great!  Unfortunately, I have not walked in shoes like these for decades.  When I brought them home and showed them to husby, he went all pale in the face and said, “You better start practicing walking in those.”   Knowing me as well as he does, he is concerned that I might come home with one or two casts on my legs.  So I have been walking around the apartment in my jeans, T-shirt and killer shoes!!  Feeling a bit like a hooker in that getup…  😉  But, it is helping.  I can actually wear them now for two hours before my toes go numb!

I have promised DH that I’ll take them off if I am dancing to old Jimi Hendrix songs or  doing any of the other leisure activities I used to take part in during high school.  I promised I would come home with all four appendages fully functional.

So I am looking forward to 6 days of fun and lots of cool impressions in Washington D.C. and the Maryland suburbs.  Barring any possible restraining or gag orders, I’ll be happily sharing it all with you.



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