Gratuitous Over-Cuteness

Usually, I hate the blogs where people post overly cute photos of their dogs, cats, children, husbands, etc.  But, since I will be talking a lot about my dog  Barkley here and posting photos of her from time to time, I thought you should at least have an introduction.  And I guess it’s human nature to be proud of your overly cute dog, cat, children, husband, etc., so what the heck — here is my gratuitous cutie of the day.

Barkley is a full-bred West Highland White Terrier.  She was born on December 11, 2005 which makes her 6 and a half years old now.  She is the apple of our eye and a real joy!  But she is also a terrier, which means she barks a lot (hence, her name) and chases after any animal that she encounters, large or small.

She has her own puppy, as you can see from the picture, which she tries to take outside and bury in the bushes on a regular basis.  Actually, she has two of these but doesn’t know that there are two.  One of the two disappeared once for months during the winter and when Spring finally came around and the snow melted, we found it under our laurel bush in the garden.  When I first saw it, covered in mulch and dropped leaves, I thought it was a huge mushroom popped out of the moist ground.  I made my husband get it out from under the bush and it turned out to be the long, lost puppy #2.

A dog fanatic from our neighborhood once told me you should never give your female pet a stuffed dog that looks like her because they can develop a false pregnancy (“Scheinschwangerschaft” in German).  Well, I guess if it did happen to Barkley, she would be expecting twins!



2 thoughts on “Gratuitous Over-Cuteness

  1. She is adorable! I’ve never heard of a dog developing a false pregnancy. What a funny idea.
    I’ve often thought about getting a small dog after the kids have grown. We have a golden retriever now. She doesn’t make a good lap dog. 🙂

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