Crack with Friends

If you haven’t played the game Words With Friends yet, don’t start!   It is one of the most frustrating, infuriating games I have ever experienced.   Or, to put it in the words of my friend Lorraine (who got me hooked last Christmas), “It’s as addicting as crack!” And she is absolutely right.

Here’s how my addiction started.  DH and I were visiting Lorraine over the holidays last year.  I noticed how she was sitting with her iPad one evening, cheering about something she had just entered.  Turns out, it was a word worth 30+ points on Words With Friends.  She seemed to be having so much fun, I checked on my Android tablet to see if it was available as an app in the store there.  It was and I installed it.

For the rest of our visit, Lorraine and I would play against each other on our respective pads although we were sitting in the same room, sometimes even on the same sofa!  By the time I flew back to Germany, I was fully hooked.

I played against Lorraine religiously (as all us addicts do) until I got to the point where it just wasn’t enough.  I started trolling my Facebook friends, looking for prospective new players.  It wasn’t so easy because most of my friends on Facebook are Germans and the game is only available in English.  I couldn’t convince any of my German friends to play a game which they would certainly lose.  Still I managed to get one or two additional players to start games with.   Some of them I hardly even know but if they are good at Words with Friends and play consistently (not leaving a game for weeks on end), I am thrilled!

Of course, I usually perform miserably against Lorraine and some of my other opponents too.  I am convinced that there is a secret society out there who have unlocked the  mysteries of Words with Friends and can beat me ruthlessly every time.  I have even asked a few of my opponents to let me join.

Anyone out there who wants to play, just let me know!


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